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This is...The End - With Anne Lange

I am delighted to welcome author Anne Lange as my guest today, She has two sizzling new romances out. You'll read about those in a moment, but first, she has something to say about those two little words that can signify so much...

The End. Two little words, but they have such a big impact at different points in our life. 

The end of labor.  We or somebody we know has just given life to a precious new little person. 

The end of school. Maybe it’s just for the summer or maybe it means no more school – EVER!  That diploma is framed and you or your child is ready to begin the next phase of life.

The end of childhood.  That precious little person is now all grown up and ready to move on. We now have to learn how to cook for less people. We don’t need to tuck them in at night, help with homework or feed and clothe them through growth spurts.

The end of a job. Hopefully it’s because we’re moving on to a more exciting and challenging opportunity. 

The end of a good book. Sometimes we’re a little sad that the book came to an end, because we want more. 

The end of a relationship. Regardless of the circumstances, what was familiar is now changed. Perhaps the search is on for a new partner, or we’re learning how to live life on our own. 

The end of life. The hard one. The painful one. The one that brings tears. Somebody is no longer with us and now we only have memories to get us through each day.

The end of a project. All our hard work has come to fruition and we now have something to show for it. Hopefully this brings a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. 

The end of a series. We’ve spent time with the characters, we consider them friends and now we have to say good-bye.

As a writer we see these two little words often. We look forward to them. We strive to achieve them. It can take days, weeks, months or even years to get to them.  

Sometimes we get there with ease. I think every writer looks forward to the one story that essentially writes itself and we’re just along for the ride. Quite often however, it’s a very bumpy trip, sometimes even painful. We get lost and need direction. We meet new people, some we don’t like. We go on side trips (and get lost again). Sometime we fall in a hole and have to drag ourselves out. But I think we all feel the excitement build as we get closer to the end. And then there’s a huge sigh of relief that we finally made it.

I actually don’t write “the end”. I’ve tried to once or twice, and each time I’ve deleted the words. Perhaps it’s just a quirk of mine. Maybe it’s a superstition. But I think it’s because I’m not 100% certain the story is over.  Yes, it may appear to be finished. I’ve wrapped up the plot. I’ve given the characters a happily ever after or happy for now ending. 

But maybe I like to leave the door open just in case there’s more to be told. After all, who am I to decide they’ve told their entire story? 

Anne Lange reads many genres of romance, but prefers to write sexy stories, often with a dash of humor, and usually with a side of those sinful pleasures your mom never told you about.  And always with a happily ever after. 

While embarking on this wild, Anne juggles a full time job and a family. Though not always successfully. Who needs a clean house every day?  And what’s wrong with cereal for dinner? She lives in Ontario, Canada with her wonderfully supportive husband, three awesome kids who are growing up way too fast, and the family pets, Rocky the bearded dragon and Lily the chocolate lab. 

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Anne’s latest two releases include:

A quarterback facing the end of his career must come to peace with his past, and accept his present, before he can move on with his future.
Mitch Ryland accomplished what his father said he never would—he made something of himself.
When his wife suggests she’d like to start a family, Mitch is thrown for a loop. He’s never told her about his life before he ended up with his foster parents or his plans never to become a father. So when he’s taken out of the game, his failings from the past come back to haunt him, and Mitch blames his injury on his loss of focus. He’s unprepared for his career as a professional quarterback to be over. Nor is he ready to tell his wife about why football is so important to him. He’d rather put emotional and physical distance between them and focus on getting back in the game.
Serena Ryland has dreamed of becoming a mother. But when she mentions the idea to her husband, he freezes her out and she has no idea why. She’s worried that if they don’t start talking soon, she’ll lose him forever. When he refuses to come home to mend from an injury, she takes matters into her own hands, determined to spend more time with him, hoping to reignite the romance in their relationship. But she’s unprepared for the things she learns on this trip. Her husband has been carrying a few secrets that just might change the outlook of their future.
Reader Advisory: This book contains oral sex in a public environment and light bondage.
Publisher's note: This book is part of a series but can be read as a standalone title.

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Two men. One woman. How wonderful wicked can be.

Jamie prefers one-night stands to the risk of hurting someone he loves. He's not willing to repeat the past. Years ago his naïve attempts at Dominance left his girlfriend bruised and frightened, and she mysteriously left town rather than show her face around him again.

Daniel wants something more. He hopes that one day he and Jamie will find that perfect woman to share forever. As members of the prestigious BDSM club known as The Vault and co-owners in a veterinary clinic, he never thought she'd walk through their door. Or ask for his best friend.

Melissa has done everything she can to protect the only man she's ever loved. Finally rid of her abusive ex, she's living on her own terms. Only she never counted on Daniel, a man who ignites enough sizzle in her body to compete with her passion for her first love, Jamie. And in order for them to be happy, she needs to find a way to put the past, and the people who won't remain there, behind her for good…and convince Jamie that he was never the monster he thought himself to be…

Reader discretion: contains spanking, bondage, voyeurism, sex club, m/f/m ménage romance elements

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