Monday, 25 May 2015

Rising Tide - Conflict Under the Portuguese Sun

Susan (Sue to her friends) Roebuck has long been one of my favourite authors. She is hard to pin down when it comes to genre but whether she is writing Gay Lit (Perfect Score) or horror (Hewhay Hall), her stories are strong on plot, character and atmosphere. It has been a while, but now she is back with a stunning new novel set in the country she has called home for many years now - Portugal. Here's Sue to tell us about this picturesque and historically significant country which has proved so inspirational for her.:

Hello, Im Sue Roebuck and I think I can call myself a novelist now my third book, Rising Tide, has been published.

Rising Tide is set in Portugal and is a suspense story with romantic overtones. Some people say I dont have a brand (i.e. I dont always write the same genre of novel) but I think I do and, for me, Einsteins quote, The World will not be destroyed by evil, but by people who watch them without doing anything. Writing my stories are based on this, which is my way of trying to do something about this evil. The themes of injustice, corruption and unfairness run through my books Perfect Score, Hewhay Hall, and now Rising Tide which is set in Portugal.

You can see the blurb and extract on the publishers site: Mundania Press

As I said, the story is mostly set in Portugal. Not many people know about this small European country, but - as they say - small is beautiful and it is very special. Cristiano Ronaldo, José Mourinho, Eusebio, Saramago, Fernando Pessoa, Henry the Navigator were all born here. Christopher Columbus offered to sail to the New World for the Portuguese royalty before he went to the Spanish court and he is said to have married a Portuguese girl and parts of their house are on the Portuguese island of Porto Santo still.

The Portuguese people are innovative (for example, they have the worlds most advanced ATM system) and very friendly. And they mostly all speak English.

The village of Luminosa in Rising Tide doesnt exist but, geographically in my mind, its where the red blob is on the map:

 So the Alentejo is above the Algarve and below Lisbon. Its an area of outstanding beauty of gently rolling hills, cork oak forests and vineyards. In Rising Tide, the villagers of Luminosa work the land as well as fish both near the coast and well offshore.

The Alentejo cuisine is varied but relies on locally cultivated ingredients. Beware of the dessertsyoull gain kilos.

 I hope Ive whetted your appetitefor this lovely region and that youd like to read about it in my book Rising Tide. If youd like to buy the ebook, you can go here:

The paperback is available on order from all major bookshops. Quote the ISBN number: 978-1-60659-857-3.  OR go to publishers site:

Sue can be found at:


  1. Lovely to see you back Sue. Many congrats and sales . I just popped over and read the blurb. it sounds fantastic.

    1. Thanks for dropping by, Shey. I've got it on my kindle - can't wait to read it!

  2. Thank you Antonia - I enjoyed being on your blog today :-)

    1. Always a pleasure to host you, Sue. Good luck with this book!