Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Portrait of a Sexy Romance - Picture Perfect by Nikki Dee Houston

 Nikki Dee Houston is back! After setting us alight in places requiring the skills of ALL her sexy firemen in All Fired Up, she has now turned to the world of art for her latest inspiration. Her latest erotic romance- Picture Perfect - is the result. And when I say "erotic" - well - suffice it to say, the paint sizzles on the canvas of this hot story. Take a look at the blurb, for a start:

After being dumped by her boyfriend, Chelsea is lonely, loveless—and horny as hell. Her friend suggests she get out more—meet some new people, maybe take an art class...who knows, maybe she’ll meet someone who has what she needs. And if not, then there are worse things than having to stare at the gorgeous hunk of man candy that’s modeling for them.

 But when a new student shows up in class, the tight, white T-shirt stretched over his muscled shoulders, six-pack abs, and bulging biceps makes Chelsea’s head spin. Peter is friendly, quiet, and when the model can’t make it to class—you guessed it—Peter fills in. Chelsea nearly slips off her artist stool, her panties are so wet. But will lust be enough?

Whew! I guess we'll find out that lust certainly isn't enough. I have the feeling this relationship is not going to run as smoothly as the lines and curves she draws in class.
Oh go on then, I can't leave you totally in suspense. Here's an excerpt, but if anyone under 18 has slipped into the room, just turn around and leave. NOW. This is hot, adult stuff! I have warnings on my blog for a reason, you know!

All clear? Right. Here we go:

 He kissed her neck, the touch of his lips on her skin causing her goose bumps. He slid his hands down her back, then up, under her T-shirt. His palms felt so good on her skin. Her bra unclasped as if by magic, and he lifted her T-shirt up, over her head, and tossed it aside.

“Where’s the bedroom?” His lips, still on hers, muffled the words.

She dragged him into the dim room and he gently lay her down, fondling her breasts with his hands, rubbing her hard nipples with his thumbs. She slid her hand up inside his shirt, feeling his ribbed stomach. He let her go for a second while he whipped his shirt off and threw it. She gasped at the sight of his sculpted chest, just like she drew it in the portrait. She ran her hands up his arms, finding his impressive biceps hard as rocks.

He bent his head and ran his tongue over her nipples, encircling them. She felt desire build up deep within her. Each delicious kiss made her want him more. He moved his hands down to her short skirt, then delved under it, touching her wet thong with his fingers. He pulled the thin strip of fabric to one side, and gently fingered her clit. A breathy noise escaped her lips as he titillated her senses. He stroked her, making her wet, and causing her clit to swell with longing. With a quick movement of his hand, he pulled her thong all the way down her legs, and flicked it off her feet. 

Wow! I'm off for a cold shower. Meanwhile, here's a little information about Nikki:

 Nikki Dee Houston is a businesswoman by day, an erotic romance writer by night, and a lover all the time. She lives in an idyllic location in a modest beach shack near the sea.

Nikki loves to write Erotic Fiction - the ‘behind closed doors’ stuff, where the readers can really get involved with the characters in an intimate way. 

She believes that a good Erotic Romance story must have a strong romantic element, engaging characters, an interesting storyline, and some sizzling hot, steamy sex scenes. Nikki never underestimates the expectations of erotic romance readers and ensures she delivers on all counts.

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  1. Antonia, thank you so much for showcasing my newest release. I had a lot of fun researching this story. Dare I say, life drawing classes don't always seem to have a beautiful model. They come in all shapes and sizes! But one of the perks of being a fiction writer is that we can create a character with the PERFECT body.... Thanks again, Nik.

    1. My pleasure, Nik. This is one sizzling hot book!

  2. lol Nikki...painting was never so interesting. xxx

    1. True. But I hear that one of your favourite past times - doodling - originated from life drawing classes. ;-) Thanks for visiting.