Monday, 5 May 2014

Ellie Eden - Letting Evil In, And Tackling The Tough Question...

Today, I'm delighted to welcome romantic suspense writer, Ellie Eden, whose latest book - Letting Evil In - has just been published. More of that later, but for now, Ellie's getting to grips with a frequently asked question...

Tackling The Romantic Suspense Readers' Eternal Question - Where Did They Find That Hot Guy On The Cover? 

Okay? Do I really need to add anything more? My new book, Letting Evil In, has a hero who looks just like Luca. Ha!

I discovered Luca while on a very grueling assignment. I was asked to describe the hero of my romantic suspense novel to the Etopia Press cover designer. Well, I know how my hero looks -- he's hot -- but their idea of a hot guy could be totally different. Tony, the hero of Letting Evil In, is a hot federal agent in Rio. He's Italian-Brazilian. So I searched images of hot Italian actors. I must say, it was probably the most fun research I've ever done :) And I found Luca. It was love at first sight. 

And here he is again. They probably couldn't exactly feature that one on the cover...

The Etopia Press cover designers found their own hot guy anyway. He looks like Azul, one of the book's bad guys. Azul was one tough guy, but see his sweet mouth. What do you think? I've had a lot of readers' questions on the lines of -- where did the publisher find that hot guy? It's a publisher's secret, but if I find him I'll let you know. 

Now, you've seen the eye candy, here's what to expect from Letting Evil In

When Michael goes on a photographic assignment to Brazil and fails to return, Kristi and her son fly to Rio de Janeiro, desperate to find him. Instead she finds that during the cold New Jersey winter, her husband has spent his time in steamy chat rooms with Nara, a young woman desperate for attention and involved in the Rio drug world.

As she searches for Michael in exotic but crime-ridden Rio, Kristy finds herself way out of her league. She turns to Italian-Brazilian Federal Agent Tony Lamazzo for help. As the harsh truth of her marriage brings a dose of reality to her life, she finds the temptation of getting closer to the strong, capable—and totally hot—Tony difficult to resist. She’s in Brazil on the Day of Dead, a day when Brazilians go wild. Why shouldn’t she go wild with Tony, for just one night, before returning home to start the new life alone she’ll have to learn to make for herself?

But when her son vanishes too, Kristi doesn’t know where to turn. Michael’s affair with drug-dealing Nara has exposed them all to the murderous wrath of a ruthless drug lord, and while she longs to trust Tony, she can’t trust his powerful and politically corrupt family. But in the dangerous slums and rainforests of Brazil, the danger mounts for both Kristi and her son, and a cold-blooded enemy has an agenda of his own. If she trusts Tony, she might save her son. Or it might just get them all killed…

About the Author

Ellie Eden thinks the next best thing to hot romance is reading or writing about it. And she finds it even better to be somewhat scared or totally petrified at the same time. That's why she loves Romantic Suspense. She favors strong, protective alpha heroes, but finds murderous but good-looking bad guys fun too, at least on paper. She loves to escape her family into an exotic, preferably crime-ridden, location.

In another life, Ellie Eden is the best-selling author of two bestselling travel books and a number of award-winning biographies about mostly alpha heroes. She lives beside the sea with her husband, two daughters and son. 

You can buy Letting Evil In here:


  1. Lol... a very gruelling assignment. Too bad about the cover..........

  2. No no, Shehanne -- I LOVE the cover -- just have to find the guy :) -- Ellie Eden