Wednesday, 2 April 2014

All Hail The Jolly Lobster

 The beauteous Lady Fury has presented me with this fine award. I must say the cats have taken a particular shine to it and I have had to use the superglue to stick it just out of reach, much to their disdain.

Anyway, as we know with Milady, there are always rules. Here they are:

Well, Number One is ticked off, now here's Number Two:

As for Number Three...well, did you know (you'd better move in closer for this one, because it's a VERY BIG secret. OK, that's close enough)...

Female lobsters can carry sperm in their bodies for up to two years until they decide to use it to fertilise their eggs. So, they have planned pregnancies too. Just like humans (well, not all humans obviously). But imagine if human females could do that. Yes, just imagine...

Time to move on. Here are the seven questions, I must answer:

1. Have you ever written a book involving sea scenes?(That is sea. Do please make sure there are no typos here).  If not why not and do you intend to? 

No I haven't. It just hasn't happened yet. I might, who knows? Just not yet. I'm too busy on dry land to get my hero/heroine's feet wet. Mind you, an image just flashed into my mind...

Maybe I'll have a rethink

2 What is your current WIP?

Freya's Choice. This one isn't erotic, but it is emotionally charged and the leading man is gorgeous, and he has a heart too. 

My leading lady - Eve - has a major battle on her hands when a certain Norse goddess sets her sights on him.

3 Do you have a favorite sea film? And why?

The Poseidon Adventure - tense, gripping, great story

4 A favourite fish recipe to share?

There are loads, but here's a tasty one to try. Salmon Teriyake

5 Your favourite sea going book?

I used to read a lot of Jules Verne when I was a child. 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea was a great favourite

6 Can you share a fav sea-side memory?

Eating tapas in a Spanish bar in Almeria and watching some guy, who thought he was the last word in cool, topple off his windsurfing board time and again. It's a great leveller, windsurfing, if you don't know what you're doing. It was also a beautiful day. I was with a man I was in love with at the time and it was a magical time.

7 Most memorable sea-going journey?

I've never actually been on one, but I have done a memorable Nile cruise, does that count?

OK, job done, so, I'll now pass on the Award to my (Not so) Secret Seven:


  1. Thank You Antonia. Love the cats. All this sea talk is making me giddy not much of a sailor you know but I'll try :-)

    1. Thank you for dropping by Jane. Have fun with it!

  2. Thanks! Is there a time limit? I want to delay this until my next release, 4/18.

    1. No time limit, Suz - and congratulations!

  3. Great post! Congratulations on your Jolly Lobster award! :-) Love the sound of your new book, Freya's Choice.

  4. Antonia, thanks for nominating me! I'll have to dig deep to find a little known fact about lobsters that tops yours! :-)

    1. I didn't realise lobsters were so fascinating until this award. I look at them in a whole different light now!

  5. LMAO. See they are truly remarkable! So are some of your pix mate. Loved this post. It made me laugh out loud. x

  6. My Jolly Lobster post is up :-)