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Friends With Benefits - With Anne Lange

I always find it fascinating to know how stories originated. Was it a lightbulb moment? A dream? A flash of inspiration in the shower? Well, not in Anne Lange's case. Today she talks about the origins of her latest sizzling erotic romance, Friends With Benefits - the first in The Vault Series:

 My Definition of Friends with Benefits 

Friends with Benefits is a rewrite of the very first story I ever wrote. Initially, I didn’t tell anybody what I was doing. I was bored at work, and had some down time in between projects, so I started playing around with a story idea. It grew to probably a short novella length. Then I shared part of it with a close friend and eventually my husband. Both loved the idea and thought it was hot. The benefit of having great friends, and a supportive spouse as your best friend, is that they’ll accept your whims gracefully and (hopefully) give you honest feedback—because they love you. Little did they know that I was quite serious about pursuing this writing thing.

Then I took some workshops. And some more workshops. And yet some more workshops. And then I realized just how much work was needed to make the story even remotely marketable. But I didn’t have any second thoughts about finishing it. I just knew it would take time. And along the way, I had their support and encouragement.

During the revision, the story took on a whole new life, and went in a whole new direction. Then I had to change the title to reflect the whole new story. You see, at first, this story was simply about two people experimenting. It involved a few fantasies, but nothing outrageous—just some fun times in the bedroom, or the pool, or the hot tub. In fact, the whole ménage thing was actually just a dream.

Everyone has their own secrets, their own fantasies, but not all of us are comfortable confessing to them, I know I’m not. As I reworked the story, I used that, and some of those secrets were revealed. It wasn’t just about fun and games anymore. It was about three people and what they each wanted most in a relationship. What they felt they needed to be whole. What they most desired when they had the guts to be completely honest with themselves and with those they loved. And as long as it was managed in a safe and controlled environment, with consenting adults, why couldn’t a few fantasies become reality?

My definition of Friends with Benefits isn’t just about having sex with somebody you consider a friend. It isn’t about simply inviting your neighbor over for dinner and seeing where things go from there. It’s about the risk you take in sharing something or someone with another person. It’s very personal. It’s about putting that someone or something into the hands of another and trusting nobody will get hurt. It’s about telling everyone one around you to go to hell, because if you lived to make them happy, you might just miss out on something wonderful. I might have missed out on publishing this story, and meeting all these wonderful people I’ve met over the last few years during my writing journey.

Having good friends comes with certain benefits. And I don’t mean the ménage type.  Friends are important. We all need them. But the benefits? Friends have your back. You can trust your friends. They encourage you. They share the good and the bad with you. They laugh and they cry with you. And, they do all that simply because they love you.

Thank you for being my guest today, Anne. 

 Now read on, but be warned, you'll need a cold shower later. What follows sizzles hotter than a July barbecue! First, a taster, courtesy of the blurb:

Can sexual exploration lead to three times the bliss?

Tyler had no idea his wife Angela’s desires so closely matched his own. But when some unguarded pillow talk reveals her fantasy of two men at once, Tyler jumps at the chance to make her happy. Enlisting the help of his best friend Connor, who’d shared some threesome adventures with him in the past, Tyler secretly hopes exploring Angela’s fantasies will lead to his own personal desire—a permanent threesome with the two people he loves most in the world.

Connor can’t believe it when his best friend asks him to seduce his wife. Then he meets Angela, and all the women in his past fade away. With
Tyler’s blessing, Connor sets out to melt Angela’s reserve, and when Tyler joins the party, the three of them set the sheets on fire.

Angela is floored when her husband suggests they explore some of her fantasies—things she’d only read about but never in a million years thought she’d actually do. Sandwiched between Tyler and Connor, she’s never felt so treasured, so protected, so loved. But the reality proves much more complicated than the fantasy. She loves her husband, but she finds herself falling for his best friend too. That’s not normal, is it? What will people think?

OK. Are you ready for a snippet of the story? It's a hot one, so don't say you weren't warned!

The conversation dwindled as the food disappeared. Finished, and not sure what to do next, Angela stood and picked up the empty plates, putting them on the tray. Connor moved to help, but she put out her hand, laying it atop his wrist. “You stay here. This will only take me a couple of minutes. You can pour me another glass of wine while I’m gone.”

A few minutes later she stood rinsing the dishes and placing them in the dishwasher, scolding herself for dashing away. She was in the process of cleaning the last plate, when she heard the door slide open behind her, the hum of the air conditioner disrupted by the chirping of crickets and soft footsteps. She began to turn, ready to tell Connor she truly didn’t need help, but she found herself pinned to the counter between two strong, solid arms. His chest was snug against her back. She felt his warm breath at her ear and the hard ridge of his arousal tucked into the crease of her behind.

He nuzzled her neck. Taking care, she settled the plate she’d been holding into the sink and took a deep breath, opening her mouth to speak. This time her voice came out an octave or two lower than normal. “I thought you were going to wait outside.”

“You were taking too long, so I figured I’d come in and see if I could help. Good thing, because it looks like you need some…assistance.”

He edged closer, forcing her to bend toward the countertop. He rubbed his palms up and down the length of her arms. Her eyes drifted closed, and she straightened, leaning her head back against his shoulder before realizing what she was doing.

His nuzzling switched to wet kisses along her shoulder. He licked her neck as his hands moved up to cup her breasts, weighing them in his hands. His thumbs passed over her nipples, which reacted to the spark of his touch, perking right up. He groaned in her ear and pinched the hard tips between his fingers before gently tugging them through the fabric of her clothing.

She wiggled her ass, arching her back so her rear pressed tight to his groin. With his right hand, he started a downward trek from her breast to her waist, and then moved to the top of her sex. He flattened his palm against her tummy, his touch firm, before moving lower still, fingers stretching to reach the spot she desired him most.

Holding her breath, she waited for him to go that little bit further. His fingers pulsed against her. Even beneath her shorts her flesh felt singed. Their harsh panting was the only sound in the small room. Anticipation hung in the air like steam in a sauna.

Her courage rising, Angela inched her hand down his arm until she covered his hand with her own. She nudged his forearm, urging him to continue. Once he knew he had her permission, he resumed his journey while he turned his head, burying his nose behind her ear.

With one hand on her breast and the other rubbing between her legs, she started to feel overwhelmed with sensation. Angela turned in the cage of his arms. His eyes dark with passion, the ridges of his cheekbones flushed, he closed the distance and claimed her mouth in a demanding dance. She flattened her palms on his chest and curled her fingers into his pectorals. Connor moaned.

Before she knew it they stood naked in her kitchen. She couldn’t say how it happened or who initiated it. But, all of a sudden, Angela found herself sitting on the counter with Connor wedged between her legs. His hands grasped her head, holding it immobile while he kissed her, his invasion so thorough that time seemed to stand still. His tongue touched every corner of her mouth; it ran along her teeth, dipping to duel with hers. They sparred until he grabbed hold and sucked her tongue into his mouth, the pressure so exquisite she felt its pull all the way down to her toes.

Needing air, Angela broke away. Connor pulled back and nipped her bottom lip before leaning down to grasp her right nipple between his teeth. He tugged and sucked at her breasts as ravenously as he had kissed her mouth. He moved back and forth, lavishing the same treatment on both breasts, fondling one while he suckled the other, licking and using gentle pressure with his teeth to bite the tips. Pleasure, charged like electricity, zinged between her chest and her womb.

Angela’s breasts swelled in his hands. With every surge of arousal more wetness pooled between her thighs.

Her head thrown back in utter bliss, Angela felt each tender tug low in her belly as if there were a string connecting her nipples to her clit. She opened her eyes and looked straight out the back window into the starlit night.

Good heavens. Anybody could walk up to the patio door and see what they were doing. Her hands tunneled into his hair, holding him to her chest. She couldn’t bear for him to continue; she couldn’t let him stop.

Whew! Told you it was hot, didn’t I? Here's the stunning trailer:

You can buy Friends with Benefits here:

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Anne Lange grew up with a love for reading. Books are her passion, shoes are an addiction. If you take a close look, she’s got either a book, her Kindle or her Kobo tucked into her bag or a pocket whenever she leaves the house. You know, just in case there’s time to sneak in a chapter or ten. Anne reads many genres of fiction, but prefers to write sexy, edgy romance with a touch of humor, and always a happily ever after.

While embarking on this wild journey of becoming a romance author, Anne juggles a full time job and a family. Not always successfully. She grew up in
Southern Ontario (Canada), but now makes her home in Eastern Ontario where she lives with her wonderfully supportive husband, three normally awesome kids, and Rocky the bearded dragon.

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