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Keep Calm When You Love A Bad Boy - with Shehanne Moore

Today, I'm delighted to hand over to my friend and fellow author, Shehanne Moore, whose two historical romances - The Unraveling of Lady Fury and His Judas Bride are absolute must-reads. In the New Year, her third - Loving Lady Lazuli - will be published, and promises to be just as rollercoaster riveting as her previous stories. So, over to you Shehanne - but first here's a taster: 

“No. Lord Hawley it’s all right. I’m going to stay.” Her gaze edged to what stood on the bedside cabinet. “If we pour some of that brandy there in the basin, we can at least clean that wound with it. Maybe even get some down his throat.”
“’E will be all right in the morning, Miss. Truly.”
Why did Charlie hesitate? His face turned a little paler in the candlelight?
“’E always is. But I don’t think you should give ‘im any of that. Knowin’ Dev, ‘e’s probably ‘ad a bucketful already. Do you want ter make ‘im worse?”
“Whether he has or not, I don’t see it would do any harm to clean this wound up, Charlie. We can’t leave him like this.”
Reaching for the bottle she pulled the cork off. The smell wasn’t exactly what she expected. It was brandy. Yes. But there was an underlying odor she couldn’t quite place. She sniffed. Then she held it to her nose and sniffed again.
Before Charlie could stop her she yanked the cabinet drawer open. Why she reached for that particular one she didn’t know. Only that she did.
What greeted her, clinking about inside, the bottles, were things she did not need to have had any personal experience of to know what they were and why Charlie didn’t want her seeing them. She lifted her chin.
“Just how long has Lord Hawley been an opium addict, Charlie?”

I wish I didn’t have this "oh give me a Rhett Butler" fascination for bad boys--in literature anyway. I really wish I didn’t write them. I especially wish I didn’t have this need to make them even badder. A drug addict? For a hero?  No kidding. 

Did I also say he drinks like a fish and has more women than Primark has bargain wooly jumpers?  Well, I have now. There is, of course, a plot here. A notorious jewel thief trying to escape her past. A lost inheritance. A man bent on wreaking revenge on the family who fed him to the wolves.  But what this book is really about is how two people—he is a drug addict, she self harms—can save each other, through the healing power of love –it is a romance after all—a love each would rather die than let into their lives. Personally I do like a challenge. 

So there’s Devorlane, addicted to sex, addicted to drugs—drop dead gorgeous by the way. 

There’s Sapphire...

....stubborn as a mule, with a huge belief in her own abilities –I do think it’s important when you write the ruthless anti alpha you find the reason a man like that might fall in love. In this instance there’s unfinished business between them. 

The scenario between them.

There’s also the fact he never wants a woman again after he’s had her. Unfortunately he’s never had a stubborn cuss like Cass - which is what she calls herself - whose determination not to surrender to him, even when she does, makes for open war. Her determination to pour his opium out the window too. . 

Opium and opium mixtures such as laudanum (tincture of opium) or paregoric was of course readily available in Regency England. This advert is from later and for a different substance but I think you get the drift. 

This one too. 

Nice little reference there to His Holiness—His Jolliness no doubt after a few glasses of cocaine wine.  

Heroin—that was a 'non addictive' substitute for morphine. 

I chose opium for Devorlane—what a kind author I am – because many who were in chronic pain would develop an addiction.  And he is in pain...of every sort really. 

Does he sort himself out? Does she? Do they save each other? 

Sorry, you’ll have to read the book. 

Only one man in England can identify her. Unfortunately he’s living next door. 

Ten years ago sixteen year old Sapphire, the greatest jewel thief England has ever known, ruined Lord Devorlane Hawley’s life. Now she’s dead and buried, all the respectable widow, Cassidy Armstrong, wants is the chance to prove who she really is.

 But not only does her new neighbor believe he knows that exactly, he’s hell-bent on revenge.  All he needs is the actual proof.  So when he asks her to choose between being his mistress, or dangling on the end of a rope, only Sapphire can decide…

What’s left for a woman with nowhere left to go, but to stay exactly where she is?

And hope, that when it comes to neighbors, Devorlane Hawley won’t prove to be the one from hell.

You can connect with Shehanne here:

Furious Unravelings
Shehanne Moore 
Kilting The Book 

Antonia, thank you so much for inviting me to your lovely blog today.


  1. Wow, Shey! Looks like quite a compelling storyline! Congrats and can't wait to learn more!

  2. Thank you Antonia for letting me bring my latest bad boy on here. You are a...dare I say it....gem. Shaz, lovely to see you and nice of you to comment. Will be sharing more on the run up. Just glad you ain't run away.....

  3. Great post and looking forward to the book :-)

  4. My pleasure, Shehanne. Thanks for dropping by, Sharon. I agree. I can't wait for this one ot come out. I've charged my Kindle up all ready for it!

  5. Jane=Joliffe, thank you so much for popping over, 'specially to read about this bad boy! Antonia, you are a nine carat gem xx

  6. Another riveting read awaits us in the New Year! Can't wait. Great post Antonia and Shey. Thanks.

    1. I can't wait either! I loved The Unraveling of Lady Fury and His Judas Bride

    2. Noelle!! Lovely to see you. Thank you. lOL I better get these second round edits done this week eh, no slacking. As well as getting these fiver minted to give Antonia. x

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  7. Congrats on your upcoming bad boy release.

    1. Aw, Suse, thank you, and lovely to see you when you are one busy lady yourself. One of these days I must write about a good boy... Aye right.

    2. Good boys, Shehanne? I think not!

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    4. aye you are right. Antonia I would not know here to start with them

  8. Can't wait for this. I'll be on holidays when it comes out, so perfect timing. You are getting better and better, Shey. Antonia, thanks for another lively, fun, wonderful post.

    1. Thanks, Nikki. I always have a great time when Shey comes to visit!

    2. Nikki Dee, hot fireman creator xxx for coming by. Got to bring several things the next time I visit to ensure I keep getting to come here to Antonia's great blog where she has posts about all my fav muses and book characters! Seriously I love being here. Thx for coming by.

  9. This looks like another great Shehanne Moore must read!

    1. Anne mah darlin'! You are so sweet. And so encouraging I now and get these edits finished...The things I rather preferred to do this weekend. Lovely to see you xxx