Friday, 26 April 2013

Kissed By Moonlight - Erin Moore

Erin Moore writes erotic paranormal romance and her latest  - Kissed By Moonlight - features two passionate werewolves, irresistably drawn to each other. So what ignites the spark that sets their emotions on fire? Here's Erin's theory:

Why do our characters want to get it on?

The thing that interests us in romance novels is more than just the “What” of whatever happens between two lovers – it’s also the “Why.”  Otherwise we would just watch porn.  So when writing about my werewolves, Morgane and Aelric, I needed to express their feral chemistry for each other.  The reader needs to smell their unique scent, to taste their sweat as skin is being licked and caressed.

As in real life, we can lust after someone, but only if we think they smell nice.

And it seems that we are genetically programmed for this.  Researchers are continually debating the role of pheromones in our love life, but one thing seems clear:  we lust after those whose scent we find pleasing and arousing.  These same researchers tell us that our very DNA is encoded in our pheromones, and when we meet someone for the first time, we are trying to determine if they will be a good biological match.  We want our lovers to be genetically diverse from us, and – yes, Freud, go ahead and smirk– for women, we want to find men with DNA similar to our father’s DNA, but not too similar.  (I don’t even want to know how they determine this stuff.)  These same pheromones keep us attracted to our mates long after the initial lust has passed, binding us to them with emotional receptors and dopamine.  I would like to think I got married for love, but…

 What does that all mean in a romance novel?  It means that for writers, we pepper our scenes with descriptions of “his musky scent,” we detail the sweaty unions and the full-body arousals.  This gets our readers thinking about the first time they fell “in lust” and how they responded.  In paranormal and shifter novels, these descriptions are even more important, as the shifters’ animal natures take over just from a simple smell.  And then it’s game on.

So, for Morgane and Aelric, it’s more than just a meet-cute.  It’s a decision about whether their DNA is a good fit for their offspring.  Luckily for us, though, we can just enjoy their story and not worry about the science.

Want to know more about Morgane and Aelric? Firstly, here's the blurb:

When woman meets werewolf, the sex can drive them wild
Morgane has problems with men. Being a werewolf, and wary of humans, it’s inevitable. But when she meets the intense and enigmatic Aelric, she falls hard. She’s never experienced feelings like this before: desperate for his touch, crazy for the feeling of his skin on hers, and ready to surrender to him heart and soul.

Now for a short excerpt:
He put his lips to her neck, inhaling her perfume, the notes of bergamot and woman intoxicating him, drugging him. He was hard. He wanted to bury himself in her soft ivory skin, to hear her berry lips moan at his touch. He ground her against him, bit at her neck, as if her skin was sumptuous chocolate.

She took his face between her hands, pulled his lips to her own. She was hungry, insistent, and he responded, matching her ferocity with his. He acted the animal, biting, licking, devouring her groans as she pressed against him.

He lifted her so that her legs encircled him and pushed her back against the bedroom wall. His legs tensed beneath her, holding her steady.

She moaned.

“Yes,” he answered, his breath short, his mouth on hers, his hands below her, cupping the soft flesh of her ass. She grasped at his shoulders, pulling at him. He tugged off his jeans and boxers; he needed to be inside her. Now.

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  1. Hot, hot, hot! I can smell the charge in the air around them. we get past the deoderant and the cologne and go straight for the DNA huh. Interesting. I guess I can stop buying the expensive stuff! :)

  2. Just go to the gym and get nice and sweaty first.