Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Aspiring to be Inspiring!

In common with the lady who awarded me this - the lovely Shehanne Moore who can be found here: https://shehannemoore.wordpress.com/ - I have been the fortunate recipient of this award before. And very gratifying it is too!

It got me thinking about inspiration. I am often asked what inspires me to write and it's always a difficult question to answer. Most often, an idea will appear from nowhere and lodge itself firmly in my brain. It sits there nudging me until I give in and sit down at the computer to write it out of my system.

This is particularly true of my latest yet-to-be-published novella, Freya's Choice. I have long been fascinated by the ancient Icelandic sagas, handed down by word of mouth for centuries and the many fascinating tales of the old Norse gods and goddesses. For me the most fascinating of all - and the most complex - is the great goddess, Freya (various spellings exist). 

She was one busy goddess as she looked after beauty, sexuality, love, witchcraft, war and death - and all before teatime! She was amoral yet devoted to her husband, Odur, who mysteriously disappears from the legends, leaving her bereft. She searched for him, weeping golden tears in her distress.

Freya was also known as the Daughter of Time, protector of the human race capable of great love and also of  reeking terrible vengeance on those who transgressed her.

She wore a feathered cloak, enabling her to fly, and her exquisite beauty was transformed by her wondrous necklace, called Brisingamen. No man could resist her when she wore that precious jewel. 

Freya is associated with cats and her chariot was drawn by two magnificent specimens. She was as clever, wise and beautiful as any of the goddesses Egypt, Rome or Greece could produce.

Now that's what I call inspirational!

OK, now it's my turn to pass on the baton and present this Very Inspiring Blog Award to these great writers. I'm privileged to be part of their community on Hot Writers, Hotter Books:

Suz deMello
Mina Dorian
Sedonia Guillone 

Renee Luke
Sara York
Doug Starr
Allie Standifer 


  1. I loved this post, especially the info about the goddess Freya, for whom I am named (middle name :)

  2. gorgeous pictures. gorgeous content. gorgeous lady!!