Thursday, 14 February 2013

Vienna on Valentine's Day

We're in the most romantic city in Europe - Austria's shining jewel, Vienna. What will you do to celebrate?

 You could visit the treasures of the beautiful but tragic Empress Elisabeth - Sisi - in the Hofburg Palace. Beloved of the Emperor, she searched all over Europe for happiness - from her native Bavaria to Corfu, Madeira, Ireland, Britain. Franz Josef missed her so much, he built a palace for her to try and entice her to stay at home. You can see one of the finest and most homely of these - the Hermesvilla - in the Lainzer Tiergarten on the outskirts of Vienna.

Relax in the Cafe Central and enjoy some delicious sweet treats. The Viennese love their traditional coffee houses. A great favourite of mine is Turkish coffee. I love it but, if you're not used to it, you may find it a lot stronger than you anticipated. You may find you need the accompanying glass of water!

Now it's time to think about your romantic dinner. You'll be spoiled for choice as you amble along the Ringstrasse or wander through the streets of the inner city. Every cuisine from traditional Austrian through to Chinese is catered for. So, why not try something a little different this year?

Ever thought of dining in the dark? Noir is a fascinating place - more of an experience than simply a dinner venue. In total darkness, blind or visually impaired staff serve you with your meal and, with no visual distractions, you will be able to savour the taste as never before. You can enjoy drinks in the lounge (where the lights are on!) and, while certainly not cheap, you'll take away some amazing memories.

Or you could take the underground to the Prater and Vienna's famous Riesenrad (Ferris Wheel), featured in the classic film The Third Man. A Romantic Crystal Dinner , served in your own private luxury cabin... Unforgettable!

Alternatively, you and your partner could combine a sauna, spa, candlelit dinner and a gentle laze around in the deliciously warm waters of the Love Lagoon at ThermeWien

And afterwards? A gentle stroll through the Stadtpark perhaps, where you'll see the Waltz King himself - Johann Strauss - floodlit and enternally playing An der schönen blauen Donau. Tonight, it's just for you.

Happy Valentine's Day!

"It doesn't matter who you love, or how you love, but that you love" - Rod McKuen

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