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The Best Advice - Erotic Romance author Anne Lange

My guest today is Anne Lange, author of recently published Erotic Romance novella, Worth The Risk. I asked her to tell me the best piece of advice anyone had ever given her. This is what she said:

What is the best piece of advice I’ve ever been given?  I would have to say it probably comes from my husband. He’s a very smart man (honest, that’s what he tells me all the time, so it must be true *winks*).  His advice - be patient. It will all work out.  Seems so simple, doesn’t it?

A few years ago I hit a wall with regard to my career. I’d been doing the same type of work for over twenty years. I knew I was good at what I did within the area I specialized in, but I wasn’t finding it challenging anymore, and I was too old to be starting over completely. So, I considered branching out to a different path in the same field. When I did some serious thinking, I was able to decide on what I didn’t want to do, but I couldn’t narrow down what I wanted to do.  What did I want to be when I grew up?  I had no freaking clue. 

About that time, I started dabbling in writing. I took some on-line workshops, I wrote a few short stories and submitted them – and they all got rejected. I took more classes and I started writing a few stories for specific submission calls. I started networking. I loved this new hobby and I was meeting some great people. I made a few goals, but kept them to myself, cause really, what were the odds I’d be successful?

During this time I also started looking for another job.  I eventually found one, and moved organizations. But I still wasn’t happy.  The only bright side, I was having more fun with my writing, and my secret goal *fingers and toes crossed* appeared to be a real possibility!

At the office, changes were happening, and I had an opportunity to apply for a higher level position. I knew I could do it. It would provide more of a challenge, as well as a heavier work load, and a little more money.  I have bills, kids to feed and put through university-so a good thing, right? 

Well, I applied, and I blew the interview. I wasn’t prepared. I was really, really upset and embarrassed. How could I not have gotten that job?

My husband, the smartest man I know, gave me a piece of advice – Be patient. It will all work out.  And you know what? It did. Somebody liked my book.  Now, when we discuss that failed interview he adds– See, it worked out, didn’t it. You don’t have to deal with the additional pressures or work load of the other position.  Now, you have more time for writing. 

I finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up – an author.

So, that book that somebody liked is Worth the Risk. I hope you like it, too!

Thank you, Anne. Now, here's the blurb for Worth The Risk:

Even the hottest sex might not be enough to ease the pain of the past…

Molly Simpson arrives at a beautiful provincial park, ready to spend the May Two-Four holiday camping with friends. This weekend is the highlight of her year—or it was, until Tanner Daivies showed up. Her high school crush is all grown up, sexy as sin, and he’s demanding answers—answers Molly isn’t sure she can give him. She had her reasons for leaving him all those years ago, but now, sex with Tanner is scorching, and when they’re together, it’s clear they were never meant to be apart. But the past doesn’t want to stay buried, and Molly isn’t sure reliving it is worth the risk…

X-Rated Excerpt (Don’t say we didn’t warn you!):

“This is perfect.” Her voice was a whisper.

Without a word, he rolled to his side and canted over her, brushing his lips across hers. His were soft, his touch tender. She couldn’t resist opening her mouth, allowing his tongue to slide inside and dance with hers.

He raised a hand to cup her face as he deepened the kiss. She reached up and twined her arms around his neck, pulling until his chest fell onto hers. His heart thudded against her. Wrapped together, she surrendered to him.

After a passionate embrace, he ended the kiss and cradled her in one arm while the other rested against her lower belly. His gaze held hers as he inched his hand under her sweater, his fingers tiptoeing in a feather-light touch to cover her breast.

She arched her body, pushing her breast into his grasp.

He bent down to devour her mouth again, their teeth clacking together. She giggled. When he withdrew, she gasped at the hot searing look in his eyes. The desire to laugh disappeared. In the moonlight, his eyes were darker than the night. His chest rose and fell with each breath.

“Come here.” Tugging her to a sitting position, he pulled her sweater over her head and dispensed with her bra. Then he laid her back down. The contrast of his tender caresses to the heated attack of his mouth pushed her own arousal to somewhere between a simmer and a boil. He shimmied down her body, taking the tip of one breast into his mouth. After lavishing it with licks and gentle nips he switched to the other, sucking it hard. The cover had slipped off and a cool breeze blew over their bodies, drying their already dampening skin. She hardly noticed. Her shiver had nothing to do with the temperature.

“Oh, yes,” she groaned.

He flicked one taut nipple with his tongue while pinching the other between his thumb and finger. When she could take no more, she grabbed his face between her hands and brought his mouth back to hers for a scorching kiss.

Pausing for breath, he stared down at her, his eyes smoldering. His voice had a low, husky quality when he spoke. “I love you, Molly. This time next year we’ll be finished with school, and we can be married. Start our life together, have babies, grow old together.”

She could only nod. Her breath caught, held. A moan passed his lips as he dipped back to her breasts. When he moved away, her nipples were hardened, distended, and ultra-sensitive. They glistened in the moonlight.

He unfastened her jeans and slipped a hand down inside her panties, cupping her mound while he continued to feast on her nipples. She trembled when he crooked a finger, running it along her moist slit.

He groaned. “You’re wet.”

Her cheeks heated at his observation. His tenderness overwhelmed her as he eased a finger inside, leisurely pumping it in and out. Pleasure zinged along her nerves. When he withdrew, she mewled at the loss until he slid a tiny bit higher to tap her clitoris.

Gasping, a wave of sensation rolled through her body, and she jerked her hips, seeking more. He rubbed her clit, round and round in tiny circles. She tensed her thighs, the tingles of an impending orgasm blossoming. He stopped, kneeling back to peel her jeans off. As he stood to remove his own clothes, she contemplated his body. Her breath caught in awe every time. At twenty-two, he was in his prime—big, muscular, and strong. Her fingers itched to trace the contours of his hard stomach.

Her gaze travelled lower. He threw his clothing aside and put a condom over his straining erection. His hands shook.

You’d think this was their first time.

Straddling her hips, he sank to his knees. Lowering to settle his body over hers, he supported his weight on his forearms. At the moment of impact, skin to skin, a tremor rolled through her. The hair on his legs tickled. He pressed the warmth of his chest against her breasts. The hard length of his cock rested hot and heavy against her sex. She quivered. In his arms, she was complete.

His eyes glowed with passion. He placed soft kisses on the side of her neck, her collarbone, and the tip of each breast, sliding his body lower, making his way down her stomach to her belly button. He dipped his tongue in and swirled it around. A sensual shiver danced over her skin.

Grasping her hips in both hands, he continued his journey. He shimmied until his shoulders were wedged tight between her thighs. Then he stopped. Hot little puffs of air tickled her exposed flesh. She glanced down her body. Tanner lay there, staring at her intimate parts. She remembered the embarrassment she’d felt the first time he’d gone down on her. It hadn’t taken long before it turned to exquisite torture and then mind-numbing bliss, something she anticipated each time they made love.

She heard him exhale as he placed the lightest of kisses on her clit, a butterfly touch at first, barely there. Tease. He applied the smallest amount of pressure, and she groaned. He swiped his tongue down through her slit, and back up, capturing the cream that flowed free.

“God, you taste good.”

She couldn’t resist. “You work in the restaurant business, and the only word you can come up with to describe taste is good? Not very impressive.”

He laughed and laid a hand on each of her thighs, pushing them apart, settling into a more comfortable position between them. “How about divine, heavenly, or, my personal favorite, fucking fabulous.”

Author BIO:

Anne Lange grew up with a love of reading. In fact, if you take a close look, she’s got a book with her where ever she goes, and will usually sneak in at least a chapter or ten whenever she can spare a few minutes. She reads many genres of fiction, but prefers to write sexy romance with attractive men, strong females, and always a happily ever after.

While embarking on a career as a romance author, Anne juggles a full time job and a family. She grew up in Southern Ontario (Canada), but now makes her home in Eastern Ontario where she lives with her husband and three children, and Rocky the bearded dragon.

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