Sunday, 27 January 2013

Sunday with Amanda

Six Sentence Sunday draws to a close today, so thank you to all who have joined me, left comments and bought my book so far.

 Here's some more from Amanda:

 I climbed the wide staircase and made my way to my room, and that’s when I saw him, framed in the doorway of my bedroom, magnificent in his nakedness, knowing I wanted him. Did he know how relieved I felt that he had returned? 


The first word he had ever spoken to me, and he had used my name. How did he know it? But then, how was any of this possible?

Seducing Amanda is available here:    Barnes and Noble All Romance Books Kobo

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  1. How indeed? But I guess he'll take her mind off that. Nice six :) and thanks for using my image. I take it as a compliment when I spot some of my art out on the web.

  2. Thanks Elin. I didn't know this artwork was yours - and I love it!

  3. Finding a naked man in your doorway. What a way to end the day! Well done!