Monday, 12 November 2012

Eden - with Kiran Hunter

Today, I'm delighted to welcome fellow Etopia Press author, Kiran Hunter. Join us as we talk about writing, wild, dark places and why Kiran would like to bring James Mason back from the dead...

Antonia:  Where did you get the idea for Eden, your short story in the Halloween Heat I anthology?

Kiran: I always had this strange idea as a kid that the world reflected in a mirror isn’t quite the same as the one we’re standing in – that there is something just a bit off – after all the face we see when we look at our own reflection isn’t the face everyone else sees. We walk around with one image of ourselves in our head – and we actually look completely different to others (unless you have a perfectly symmetrical face!). I explore that idea a little in my short story Bedevil, but with Eden I took it a step further – literally. Jack sees a whole other world hidden inside the mirror, which is the gateway between this world and a wilder, darker place. I also love overgrown ruins and gardens that have run wild, with hidden nooks and follies... so you don’t quite know what (or who) is around the corner.

Antonia: Your stories have a wistful, otherworldly atmosphere which I love. Is this intentional or do they just write themselves this way?

Kiran:  I think I have a rather wistful, otherworldy mind – or, in other words, I’m a bit of a daydreamer – I seem to write in the same way I think. (I can just hear Tristram La Roche saying, “yeah... you’re away with the fairies...” )

 Antonia: What are you working on at present (and do you have anything else in the pipeline awaiting publication)?

Kiran: I’m currently working on a couple of projects – a short story and a novel – neither of them will be erotic, although sex and sexuality play a strong part in both stories.

 Antonia:  Where do you write? What do you have around you when you’re working?

Kiran:  I have two desks – one I use for what I call the ‘day’ work – fiddling with the website, writing guest blogs and doing research. It’s cluttered with notebooks, headphones, reference books and asssorted gadgets. I tend to write more at night – and have a desk upstairs where I can shut myself away with just the desk lamp on. I also have a board covered with images relevant to whatever I’m working on, and mementos picked up over the last couple of years – notes from writer friends, cover art images... and I have a scorpion keeping me company (not a live one).

 Antonia:  Which writers inspire you most and why?

Kiran:  I go from one extreme to the other. I like writers who are edgy... who don’t shy away from the grittier and darker aspects of life. Although it seems that there isn’t really a darker side to life anymore – particularly when it comes to erotica. What was once taboo can now be picked up in the supermarket along with a loaf of bread and some duct tape. I also like writers who can make me laugh (or even cackle unbecomingly).

Antonia:  OK, a fun question: Imagine you are stranded on a desert island. You know you’re going to be there for a year. Which four people (aside from friends and family) would you most like to be stranded with and why? You can choose real people or fictional characters.

Kiran:  I’m something of a loner so I’d really be quite happy there on my own. *thinks* Bit of a toss up between Arrow (Green Arrow) and Hawkeye (I have a thing for archers, what can I say?), although I don’t think Arrow would be too chuffed about being stuck on a desert island again – and of course I’m thinking practically – excellent survival skills! Mr Rochester from Jane Eyre – I’d like someone who is a challenge, to keep me on my toes. If I were stranded along with some books, I’d like James Mason be there to read them to me (yes, I know he’s no longer with us but  I love his voice)... and I’d be lost without some music... so... maybe Jared Leto if there’s an acoustic guitar to hand. Heaven on a desert island...


Antonia: Sounds perfect. Thank you for being my guest today, Kiran. Here are some links so that we can connect with you:
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  1. It's so true about reality and perception, how different the two are and change, continually. Thought provoking quest. No wonder you write.

  2. really enjoyed this. Kiran your story sounds fab. Must read.

  3. Thanks for joining us Susan and Shehanne. 'Eden' is a great story - thoroughly recommended!

  4. It's nice to find out more about you, Antonia. The story sounds great and I like the thought of another world in the mirror.

  5. Great interview. I'm always interested in the inspiration behind the stories I've enjoyed & Eden is definitely on that list! :)

  6. Thanks for stopping by to comment, everyone. If you're my friend on FB you'll see some pictures that have come up on my newsfeed that fit Eden perfectly.

    Thank you for having me, Antonia x