Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Serena - Halloween Magic Turning Up The Heat

Marianne closed her eyes and luxuriated in the perfumed water, as it caressed every inch of her body. Soon her secret lover would be here. Soon it would be her fingers stroking her skin, probing deep within her, rousing her to new pinnacles of passion.

Serena. Even the sound of her name swept through her on a tide of ecstasy. On this magical night, all Marianne had craved would be hers. And now she need wait no longer. Framed in the doorway, stood a tall, slender woman with black hair and emerald eyes.

Serena had come for her and Marianne was ready...

The above is the blurb for my short story, Serena, featured in the sizzling anthology, Halloween Heat III. Serena is a woman with a difference and Marianne just can't get enough of her. Halloween is a special time for them - as it is for many a Paranormal Erotic Fiction character.

What is it about Halloween? We all know about witches, pumpkins and Trick or Treat, but what of the sensuous, sexy Halloween? Where does that come from?

 Having dabbled in a little research, I can tell you that the custom of dressing up in costumes for the great night is relatively recent (nothing much reported before 1900 in the UK, for example) and, as for dressing up in skimpy, sexy little numbers, well that's an even more recent development.

So sexy Halloween is a modern invention and naughty, erotic Halloween even more so - very 21st century in fact. It's a chance for the female of the species to vamp it up. Big make-up, slinky, clingy dresses, minimal underwear (if you can get away with it and are not at the mercy of the downward descent of maturity). But if you REALLY want to turn up the heat for your Halloween, why not take a style tip from these genuine Vamps of the 1920s and even earlier:

Theda Bara, the original Vamp, as Cleopatra 1917

Myrna Loy c.1926
Clara Bow 1920s

Louise Brooks 1920s actress and style icon

Have a very Happy Halloween!

Enjoy Halloween Heat III Here

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