Friday, 28 September 2012

By The Pricking Of My Thumbs...

Something stunning this way comes.

And it's here:

I am in the company of some stunning writers, as you will see and you will find my hot, short story, Serena nestled within its pages...

Hallowe'en Heat III will be published by Etopia Press on October 5th

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Every Picture Tells A Story (1)

This is a lovely portrait by the Victorian artist, Lord Frederick Leighton, and I use it as my avatar on Twitter and as a cover photo on Facebook

But who was she?

Her name is not given, so you could name her yourself. If you were looking for a subject for your next story, you could choose her. But who would she be?

What can we learn from her portrait? She is young, beautiful, with long dark hair and a demure expression.

But is that look one of innocence? Wistfulness? Is she hiding something? Is she nineteen years old - or twenty-nine? Married? Single? A mother perhaps - or one who has lost every single person she loves and must now live her life as best she can?

Is she petite or tall? Was she paid to sit for this picture, or did she do it for love of the artist?

When I look at this portrait I see so much. I see tranquillity, peace - and, yet, I also see a Gothic story - an eternal promise of love beyond the grave. I see an Ophelia with a timeless quality and many secrets, hidden deep beneath that gentle fa├žade.

She inspires me and one day I may write her story as I see it - and I hope she will forgive me...